Rethinking Sustainability in the UK Energy Sector: A Step Towards a Greener Future

Article Written for OGV Energy Magazine – September 2023 Issue, Page 43

Intervention Rentals are forging ahead with sustainability initiatives in the UK energy sector and are on a journey of innovation and transformation.

“At Intervention Rentals, we’re championing the drive towards a greener future while boosting economic efficiency of our clients and their environmental stewardship”, says Alex Leddy, Commercial Sustainability Director. “The circular economy concept lies at the heart of our mission. In a world coming to terms with increasing economic and environmental pressures, resource scarcity and climate challenges, transitioning to a more sustainable future is of benefit to everyone. We are on a journey, playing catch up if you will, transforming how energy services are delivered, consumed, and sustained. Our focus extends beyond traditional models of rental and recertification, we aim to extract maximum value from resources, minimize waste, and help preserve the environment”.

Decarbonisation, a critical pillar of the Intervention Rentals 2030 sustainability strategy and is a non-negotiable commitment according to Alex.

“As we navigate the transition to a low-carbon economy, we’re employing common sense planning and key strategic partnerships to dramatically cut down on carbon emissions with our target to be at the forefront of a cleaner energy landscape”.

Alex Leddy – Commercial Sustainability Director

“For example, our Iron Management service is designed to dramatically cut down on fuel & logistics because of how we store, recertify, service and manage our customers equipment using cutting edge inventory and service management software. By planning and managing logistic & kit for our clients we have provided them, and us, a sustainable and low carbon solution. Another example of this is our Wellheads Servicing process. We have introduced a completely unique digital system that can pressure test up to 4 wellheads at once and immediately save, record and send the digital graphs to the client therefore cutting time, personnel and cost.

Covering their Westhill project office and the rental base at Lunan, Montrose Alex has overseen the scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions management and started the road to Scope 3 PAS2060. Alex Continues, “This journey isn’t solely about environmental benefits; it’s also about unlocking economic value. We’re acutely aware of the need to reduce costs and enhance Return on Investment (ROI) for both our clients and the industry. Sustainability should never be synonymous with increased financial burden. In fact, our approach demonstrates that sustainable practices can be financially prudent. By optimizing resource usage, streamlining operations, and embracing renewable alternatives, we’re forging a path towards economic resilience”.

One of the cornerstones of their strategy is to slash Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) for their clients. This isn’t merely about cutting costs, but rather about using resources efficiently and intelligently. Through innovative thinking, customer engagement and software, Intervention Rentals are re-evaluating how they approach energy services. “We’re demonstrating that reduced CAPEX and OPEX can be accomplished without compromising performance or environmental responsibility. In a global supply chain filled with uncertainties, our commitment remains steadfast – to be at the forefront of a sustainable energy sector, and more importantly, to leave a positive impact on our planet. Our journey is a testament to the traditions and quality that we have been known for, for about 20 years, the desire to make a difference and the commitment to our clients to deliver environmental stewardship and economic growth. By embracing circular economy principles, decarbonisation, and operational efficiency, we’re charting a course towards a future where sustainability isn’t just a catchphrase, but a way of life.