Intervention Rentals – Highlight On: NEMESIS EQUIPMENT

The first in a new series of highlights from Intervention Rentals will focus on the Nemesis Equipment division.

What is Nemesis Equipment?

Nemesis offer, reliable, best in class equipment rentals ranging from our MKIV Mud Vacs, our 30:1 Hydra Clean Units to our EcoQuip2 Hydro Blasters. All these solutions are designed for quick, easy and efficient methods of cleaning the toughest of environments.

That’s fairly standard, not only for the industry but our standard service provision.

They are all portable, small but mighty, meaning the client can utilise them fully for those hard-to-reach areas.

We are also looking to diversify outside of Oil & Gas and into Sustainability and Renewable markets.

What is unique about the Nemesis equipment?

It’s the sheer versatility and reliability.  Whether it’s working in pits, at height or on environmentally sensitive clean ups, we have a unit, solution and commercial package to furnish our clients requirements. The feedback we receive from our clients is that our aftersales service is second to none in this field. Because we have units all over the world, the UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, should the client have a unit go down or they damage it in some way, we immediately support with parts, replacements, or servicing and we are on hand to pick up a phone 24/7. Our clients really appreciate the service and support we offer, not just within NEMESIS but companywide.

Who is your typical client?

Absolutely any type of industrial operations that require hydrocarbon removal, clean up or transfer as well as cleaning and blasting. We have serviced and continue to support, drilling companies, drill ships, all types of marine vessels and docks, fixed platforms & structures as well as workshops, yards, and general facilities. In the coming months we will see more in the ‘Highlights On’ series from Intervention Rentals and you can see the range of premium pressure equipment that Intervention Rentals has by visiting or by reaching