HIGHLIGHT ON: Sustainability w/ Peter Meldrum

Expanding Sustainable Services Into New Markets

Intervention Rentals are continuing to invest in sustainable technologies and incentives and have
expanded into the Agri, Water and Food & Drink sectors, bringing the same level of execution,
technical support and environmental focus as they have been delivering in the energy markets.
In early 2023, Intervention Rentals began a journey to net zero by 2030, achieving scopes 1 & 2 and
planning their PAS2060 roadmap, ensuring a drive towards a greener future not only for their
operations but for their clients and the supply chain which they support.
Pete Meldrum has joined the Intervention Rentals team to head up the Sustainable Solutions
division. Pete has been in the energy sector for over 35 years and made the switch to renewables
over 8 years ago. He has predominantly been in ops, technical & engineering roles and has also been
in customer facing BD functions. Finding solutions to problems is key to Pete’s thinking.
He has introduced time cost and resource benefits to the Agri and Food & Drink sectors, primarily in
distilleries where he has made millions in savings for the customer. Pete brings access to technology,
networks and the knowledge and experience to implement solutions.

Commenting on joining Intervention Rentals, Pete says “I am a strong advocate of waste and water
effluent treatment. Intervention Rentals match my drive for sustainable, measurable, and greener
solutions and I welcomed the chance to drive the company in to non-energy markets. I avidly
embrace and pioneer new, disruptive, leading-edge technologies that process co-products from
‘waste’ streams. It is essential to deliver innovative water treatment solutions whilst driving
operational efficiencies and adding value through by-product creation, especially in distilleries and
Food & Drink”.

“The key is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking harmful carbon strategies off our roads.
By reducing the operations and logistics that are currently in place, we can save the customer
money, cut GHG emissions and plan a better future”.
Intervention have agreed distributor agreements with Proteus Multi-meters and Axium Engineering
to help them deliver real-time technology solutions.
The Proteus range of multiparameter sensors represents a step change in real-time monitoring of
dissolved organic matter. The state-of-the-art monitoring platform incorporates the latest
technology to provide accurate, reliable and minimal maintenance monitoring of Biochemical
Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)

Axium Process specialises in Hygienic Engineering, with particular expertise in Filtration
and Membrane Separation Technology. Their diverse customer portfolio includes the, Aerospace,
Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech industries as well as Dairy, Food, Beverage and Chemical

Alex Leddy, Commercial Director for Sustainability states, “water is at the heart of everything that
our customers in the Agri and food & drink sectors do, and they consume and repurpose an
incredible amount of it. Cutting down on their treatment and logistics with a circular economy focus
will benefit the opex and capex of our clients and provide positive carbon reduction results. By

partnering with companies such as Proteus and Axium, we can ensure the very best in technology is
coupled to the sectors who are leading the way in managing their resources and operations.”
To find out how Intervention Sustainable Solutions is pioneering waste & resource management,
contact petermeldrum@interventionrentals.com

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