Intervention Rentals Feature in OGV Renewables Magazine – September 2023

Article Written for OGV Renewables Magazine – September 2023 Issue, Page 31

After nearly 20 years of servicing, supporting and being considered a key performance partner in providing flowline, wellhead and pressure equipment to the upstream oil and gas industry Intervention Rentals have pivoted to provide the same excellent service, safety and care to the renewable sectors.

Intervention Rentals have started a journey. Before the COVID period, the team started to notice increasing opportunities to support new forms of energy provision. They did their research, consulted with QHSE specialists and realised that they could continue to provide the same excellent service, but with a lower carbon footprint for both traditional energy supply sectors, as well as the emerging renewable industry.

The organisation has fully committed to a net zero future and have set themselves a target of 2030 to achieve and be accredited in the scopes 1, 2, & 3 greenhouse gas emissions protocols. They recognise that more has to be done and they understand that they have the capability to work with all stakeholders in their supply chain to work towards significantly reducing the carbon footprint of their projects and in some instances with a carbon-negative result.

Their management team have set ambitious targets and following a rigorous business process re-engineering project, Intervention Rentals are about to begin the process of removal, reduction and re-education and are working with the relevant industry bodies to get accreditations for this process.

‘Scope 3 emissions standards’ set very high parameters, so how does the organisation in a large supply chain provide access to mechanisms and activities that enable scope 3 accreditation?

Strategic Partnership

Intervention Rentals have formed a strategic partnership with US organisation ‘ICE Thermal Harvesting’ to facilitate the provision of green energy to their UK customer base. Against a backdrop of growing uncertainty of global power supply, rising electricity demand and the pressure to decarbonise, this new relationship provides decentralised clean power to industrial consumers by utilising waste heat from their own operations.

By bringing new technology to the waste heat-to-power market, and by making the process effortless to their clients, ICE brings a technical solution to the UK market that will help clients of Intervention Rental save money on electricity, as well as improve their own scope 1,2 and 3 emissions commitments.

Commenting on the partnership, Phil Scott MD of Intervention Rentals says:

“ICE Thermal Harvesting are in a perfect position to help us decarbonise the UK supply chain, save money and help with GHG emission accreditations. We look forward to getting our new solution into the hands of waste-to-heat producers”.

Commenting for ICE, Carrie Murtland – Co- Founder said: “Intervention Rentals provides an excellent platform for us to be able to bring our unique solution to the UK and we are very excited to work with a partner who is engaged and committed to the UK energy supply chain”

Intervention Rentals will be showcasing ICE on stand 2K88 at this year’s OE23 at TECA.